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What are the medical courier service rates in 2023?

Medical courier services make time-sensitive medical deliveries throughout the clock. Experts in the field of biohazard management operate medical courier services. By 2027, the healthcare logistics industry will be worth $7.1 billion. Medical courier services aren't a fad. This article will examine the rising need for medical courier services by Apollo Medical Logistics, the factors driving this demand, and the trends making couriers efficient and driving up medical courier service rates by the year 2023.

Costs of Using a Medical Delivery Service

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General Costs, On Average

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The courier service price might vary widely, based on factors including the firm you hire and the distance the package needs to go. On the other hand, a national medical courier service may charge $200 or more for outside-state delivery. In contrast, a local courier service for medicine may only charge $50 for same-day delivery.

Cost Per Hour

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Mostly courier services for medicine base their fees on how much courier services take to transport your package. This charge is roughly $50 an hour in most businesses, although it might vary. Shipping fees cover the cost of picking up the medical specimen from the doctor's office and delivering it to the lab. Stops along the road are also factored in. The hourly rate is often flat, meaning there are no hidden fees for things like gas or parking.

Demand for Same-Day and Express Shipping

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Only the best courier services will guarantee same-day delivery in the medical field. It costs almost $28.75 per stop. In that case, time-sensitive medical supplies or drugs can sit in the truck for too long and lose efficacy. A two-day or delayed birth could jeopardize a person's health.

Place of Delivery and Timeframe

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The distance that must be traveled is crucial when determining the average cost per mile for medical courier services. The rate increases as the inverse of the distance traveled.
Some medical courier service price $2.00 per mile for a pickup truck or cargo van, while others charge $1.50 per mile for a car. This implies the final price will be calculated based on the distance driven.

Standard Package Size Rates

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The size of the products being delivered is a significant factor that medical courier services must consider when setting their courier rates. The delivery fee increases proportionally with the size of the shipment. Many businesses, for instance, provide a flat rate for shipping items under 50 pounds. Packages weighing more than 50 pounds will incur an extra $10 per pound for courier delivery rates.

Transportation & courier service rate sheet

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Routine transport services

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Using Ventura as an illustration, a route with one stop each day (Monday through Friday) would cost $28.75 x 21.65 days = $622 per month.

Getting Your Mail Picked Up at the Post Office


Morning and afternoon mail delivery costs $28.75 for each stop.
Price: $622/mo. For Weekday Morning or Afternoon Service (Monday to Friday)

Transferring Money to a Bank

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Prices for bank deposit service begin at $28.75 per day, per stop. Each weekday deposit pickup service costs $622 per month.


Medical courier service rates are depend on multiple factors, such as the time and place of the delivery and general size & cargo rates. Apollo medical logistics delivers your medical parcels with the most affordable options possible. Visit our website today.