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Can I Send Liquid Medicine by a Medical Courier?

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Yes, you can send liquid medicines easily through a medical courier, or hire the logistics service provider to ship your medicine batches. The only condition is that the logistics service provider you hire should be proficient in dealing with shipping medicines or test specimens in specific.

Medical logistics have ideal temperature control shipping facilities to ensure that the liquid medications do not lose their potency or react adversely during transit.

Standard courier services won’t accept liquid medicines for shipping them across California because they lack the resources to ensure safe transit. Therefore, specific service providers are of utmost importance.

To help you better understand whether you can use a medical courier for shipping liquid medicines, here is a brief insight into the associated factors.

Why are Liquid Medicines Such a Challenge For Logistics Firms?

Medicines of all types are instructed to be stored in climate-controlled environments. Too low or high temperatures tend to deteriorate the effectiveness of both solid and liquid medications. 

The capsules or tablets might not be temperature sensitive, but the test specimens and liquid medicines must be stored and shipped at a specific temperature. It is because they are made up of certain bodily fluids or chemicals. 

Liquid medicines, such as liquid cold medicine or allergy medicine, are very vulnerable when they are shifted from one climate to another. Therefore, setting up temperature-controlled shipment trucks for transporting such medicines becomes important. 

Moreover, suppose you have ordered a shipment of medicines such as liquid allergy medicine, cold medicine, or pink liquid medicine, from a different state to your pharmacy store in California. In that case, there are indefinite reasons for which the transit can be delayed or halted. 

In such situations, if the temperature-controlled environment isn’t guaranteed, medicines can lose the effects of their chemical composition. As a result, the patients will not receive the right medication or face a worsened situation. Hence, shipping liquid medications are a challenge. 

How Medical Logistics Have Made it Possible?

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The introduction of medical logistics separated it from the standard logistics industry. Such services are dedicated to shipping only medicines and medical equipment via a controlled environment to protect their health effects and chemical makeup.

At Apollo Medical Logistics, we are one of the few companies guaranteeing a seamless and worry-free shipment of medicinal liquid from source to destination. We have temperature-controlled shipment vehicles with the necessary equipment to contain the liquid vials of medicine or test samples.

The storage or shipping temperature is noted by the laboratory or the medicine manufacturing facility at the time of loading the truck with the shipment batches. The carrier compartment is set for the asked temperature, and the vials are safely stacked for transit.

We also have shipment vehicles with different temperature-controlled compartments to set different required temperatures. It becomes important when shipping more than one type of liquid medicine that requires different temperatures to be safely stored and shipped.

Medical errors are considered the third-leading cause of people’s death in the United States. And the improper courier was one of the several reasons for this statistic. But, with medical logistics in play, the healthcare sector is now trying to ensure patient safety by at least giving out undamaged and unaltered medications to them.

Impact Precaution Taken by Medical Courier Professionals While Shipping Liquid Medicines

So, you are now aware that you can opt to deliver liquid medicines through a medical courier. As medicines directly correlate to someone’s health or life, we cannot risk them by not taking precautionary measures.

So, apart from temperature-controlled preparatory measures, we also take impact precautions to ensure that a bad road condition or a sharp maneuver by the driver doesn’t compromise the vials. 

Impact Prevention Measures

We cannot assure good commuting road conditions throughout the transit. And as liquid medicines are impact-sensitive, we implement enough effort and money into the perfect packaging of these medications.

We use foam, air packets, and other packaging materials to cushion the vials from vibrations and shocks during transit. As a result, the products will safely reach their destination to serve the desired purpose. 

We have simulated real-life transportation conditions to test our packaging efficiency. The simulation testing is mostly done to replicate shocks, perforation, compression, and weather conditions. Such preventive measures ensure the safe delivery of your medicine batches.

In Conclusion

Now, you have clarity on how medical courier providers ship liquid medicines from source to destination without damaging them. But, there are only a few reputed providers in the country that you can trust with the shipment of your medicine batches.

You don’t have to wander around to look for one of them, as at Apollo Medical Logistics in California, we guarantee an optimal medical courier and logistics service. Whether you want to hire us to deliver or shipping medicines for your pharmacy store or just to send a vial of medicine to someone far away, we have the right resources and expertise to help you with the needful.

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